Medically Supervised Weight Loss
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Cascade Weight Loss Center is an authorized partner of the Ideal Protein weight loss method.  

The Ideal Protein weight loss method is an easy-to-follow protocol that burns fat while supporting muscle and lean tissue.  The program is a low carbohydrate and low fat diet that supplies all the necessary protein and micronutrients needed to protect muscle mass while burning fat at maximum speed.  With the Ideal Protein diet, you will finally have the tools necessary to succeed.  

The ideal protein diet was designed by Chahn Tran Tien, MD, who drew on his training in medicine, nutrition, and sports medicine to develop this amazing weight loss protocol.  The protocol supplies the necessary protein, vitamins, nutrients and minerals to meet the body's daily needs and is not a high protein diet.  

You will learn how the standard American diet is a low-fat and high-carbohydrate diet, which favors and promotes fat storage. The Ideal Protein protocol switches dieters to a fat-burning state, allowing for maximum fat loss while maintaining lean muscle mass. The diet consists of 4 phases to maximize weight loss and teach you how to maintain your weight loss lifelong.  

While individual experiences are unique and can vary for each dieter, typical results vary from 6-8 lbs during the first 2 weeks, then men may lose up to 3-5 lbs per week and women 2-3 lbs per week thereafter, when the IP protocol is followed properly.  Strictly following the diet is essential for this to occur.



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Fundamentals of Ideal Protein